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Toby's Dream Project
Kick off Windham Summer Fest -- Race, Run, Walk, Wheel in remembrance of Toby Pennels!
Stuart "Toby" Pennels
Tobys Dream Project
7/5/1959 - 9/4/2014
Toby Pennels

Toby Pennels was a devoted husband, father, and son, who will be remembered for his commitment to the greater good and his lasting legacy of community service. Toby was a dedicated friend and inspiration to many as he constantly strove to have a positive impact on the world around him. He personified the spirit of the selfless volunteer, taking on any task and spearheading numerous projects that enriched the lives of those in the community. Toby was a lifelong advocate for education, serving for many years on the Windham School Committee including two terms as Chairman. Perhaps most importantly, Toby was a soldier.  In 2011 he retired as a US Army Colonel following a thirty year career that included three tours of duty in the Middle East. During his years of service Toby adopted the mantra “Improve Your Position” a phrase which refers to improving your fighting position/foxhole in a combat situation, but in many respects became his defining philosophy in life.


“Improve Your Position”  is a concept taught to every soldier learning the fundamentals of combat.  When digging a fighting position, also known as a “foxhole”, the task at hand is to quickly dig a hole that will provide some rudimentary protection.   The longer that you stay in the position, the better the position should become – you “Improve Your Position” by making it larger, deeper, adding material to provide cover and concealment and eventually clearing your field of fire.  Toby internalized this concept 

of always trying to improve whatever position he was in and applied this to every aspect of his life.


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Mom and Dad wedding
Dad and Tay
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